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Is Mental Mobility Coaching

Right for You?

What was will Rise again BETTER!

Mental Mobility occurs as we grow, develop life skills and learn from our past experiences. We live in an age where "life-coaches," "therapists," and "counselors" are everywhere, and you may be wondering if coaching, in general, is right for you.  I get it. I've been gripped with depression and understand how difficult it is to ask for help; know where to find help- or even know that you need help.

What makes my Mental-Mobility coaching sessions different is that I specialize in mindfulness practices while incorporating skills and techniques as a Maryland state and ICF-certified life-coach, a designation uniquely earned by few.  My sessions are designed to be an EXPERIENCE which include, but are not limited to: private one-on-one sessions; hands-on mindfulness techniques (geared to help you to rediscover while finding new ways of thinking-thus leading to a better/healthier YOU); and more. 


If you've tried or are tired of therapy and counseling, BOOK a Coaching Session with me TODAY! 

If you are dealing with any of the situations listed here or any other mental immobilities, I'd love to meet with you, hear what you're going through, and give you some tools to persevere. Remember: What was will Rise again better!


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