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Dr. Thomisha

ICF Certified Coach (2019)
Certified QPR (the CPR of Mental Health) 

Certified Mental Health First Aider

President, TheWISEorg, Inc.

Dr. Thomisha M. Duru, a.k.a. “The Mental mobility Guru,” is an educator, philanthropist, author and entrepreneur who is passionate about eliminating the silent suffering of women in crisis (the mentally immobile) through, TheWISEorg, a non-profit organization she Founded in 2016- which provides free non-clincial mental healthcare to women in the Mid-Atlantic areas.  Mental mobility is her goal; promoting good mental health and removing the stigma is her mission.

After a series of tragic incidents, Dr. Duru experienced over three years of depression and suicidal ideations; but after working with a group of professionals, she eventually learned how to reclaim her life—and now she relishes every opportunity to help others do the same.

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My purpose is to- through education and skill development- increase mental mobility while promoting healing and wholeness.

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