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In this women's guide to recovering from toxic relationships, Dr. Thomisha Duru uses fictional case studies to explore how we get to where we are after a bad relationship and what to do next.


Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Read This Book:


1. You want to learn how to become unstuck after a bad relationship.

2. You want to develop new pathways to maximize and live a better life.

3. You want to learn from the mistakes of others and develop skills to avoid common mishaps.

4. You want to learn the signs of unhealthy relationships.

5. You want to avoid the pitfalls leading to long-term, toxic “situationships”.

6. You want to develop a better relationship with yourself.

7. You want to learn how to create a stronger stance for when your mind tells you “no” but your heart and body says “yes”.

8. You want to deliver a better version of yourself to the world.

9. You want to learn how to build something special with someone special.

10. You want to support the author, so you just brought the “dyhm” book.

Feeling Stuck? 7 Steps to Mental Mobility (Getting Unstuck)

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